Coffee with Kai: renewed energy for renewables

Junior risk consultant Kai gives us a peek behind the office doors…

This month, with uni out of the way, Kai turns his attention to hazards on heavy lifts.

Kai Henderson originally started as our digital marketer and has since moved into a junior risk consultant and also novice coffee drinker role.  Alongside his work at Marex, he is studying for a graduate apprenticeship in data science.

With university out of the way – final assessments went in in early July – my attention is fully on Marex and the office.

Excitingly, it looks like we’ll be needing a new desk, because we’re recruiting

If you know of a risk engineer, a marine engineer or a naval architect who is interested in joining a progressive international consultancy that values promoting from within - and I am an example of this - then send them our way.

I will also personally introduce them to great coffee.

And it’s a good time to be joining Marex.

Three months into the financial year, it’s got off to a healthy and profitable start, with four new clients being one of the reasons we’re looking to build the team.

Many of the team have been working on our project with Jan De Nul.  This involves studies for heavy lift vessels and I was really excited to be involved in this project as these vessels are the future for renewable wind energy.

I’ve been working on the hazard register document, which is not something I’ve been involved in before. My task was to make sure the hazard register was correct and make the relevant changes. This document will be used to help create the BowTies for the vessel.

It was great for my understanding to work on this document as I am now able to understand the BowTie process from the starting point all the way through.

It’s also been a good time to incorporate what I’ve been learning in my graduate apprenticeship at university – always the goal but sometimes harder in practice than in theory. Probably not coincidentally, the final module before summer was professional development which involves learning how to balance both university and work by understanding time management, planning and networking, among other things.

As well as this, at the start of June I was on campus for a day, listening to speakers on topics like self-awareness and career planning, time management and prioritisation and owning your accomplishments. The day was interesting, and I was able to take some key points and actions from the day; like joining relevant LinkedIn groups, analysing my SWOT analysis I produced for work and how to write a report by allocating time efficiently.

It’s been a month of self-awareness. One of the requirements for my professional development assessment was to create a reflective report. I chose to reflect on my time doing a modern apprenticeship in Covid lockdown. I found it difficult to find motivation during this period but looking back, I am very pleased with what I achieved. It included completing a level 6 in Digital Marketing, a level 7 in Creative Media and a Level 8 in Digital Marketing in the two years of my modern apprenticeship.

I know you’ll all be eagerly awaiting the sports update at the end. Well, sadly golf is on hold for the moment. You’d think I’d have more time just now but I’m struggling to fit in a round at the weekend.

Why’s that? Well, I’ve recently started back playing football after an 18-month break. I have been involved in the pre-season games with my local junior team Montrose Roselea, and I’ve signed a contract for the season. The season starts on 22 July and this season, Montrose Roselea have moved to the East region league instead of the North so should mean less travel.

I have to admit, with the extra amount of running through the week, there has been days where an extra caffeine boost was needed.


  • Twenty-one year-old Kai is studying at RGU for his BSc (Hons) in Data Science on a graduate apprenticeship. Students are employed full-time throughout their course of studies and combine course learning with work-based learning. The course itself provides students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to help their organisations gain insight from their data to drive innovation and efficiency
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Kai Henderson Junior risk consultant

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