Coffee with Kai: summer is here

Junior risk consultant Kai gives us a peek behind the office doors…

This month, the pressure of uni assessments eases for Kai but the sunshine brings a mixed blessing.

Kai Henderson originally started as our digital marketer and has since moved into a junior risk consultant and also novice coffee drinker role.  Alongside his work at Marex, he is studying for a graduate apprenticeship in data science.

The sunny weather has finally arrived! Well, it made an appearance anyway.

Sadly so has my hayfever. To be fair, living next to a huge field of rapeseed oil plants doesn’t help.

My hayfever medication can sometimes make me drowsy but I have found an extra benefit to my new-found appreciation for coffee: that second cup in the afternoon (a small one, of course) fairly keeps me going.

I now have my final university module of year 1: professional development. This allows us to build skills to help us with our Graduate Apprenticeship by helping us balance both university and work.

For the professional development module, I have completed some psychometric assessments like personality and motivation tests.

A good module to finish the year on. I might also start testing them out around the Marex office…


Talking of the office, I’ve completed the BowTie report I spoke about last month.

It has been reviewed by the Risk Guru (Neil) and has been sent to our client with the accompanying documents.

In its place, my attention to detail has been tested with safety case maintenance for one of our clients. This updates their safety case with changes they have, mainly involving changing or removing small details of text, and updating diagrams to newer versions.

I have also been creating SOPEPs (Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan) for three name-changed rigs.

A SOPEP is the guidance document for the master or officers on board a ship for the correct steps to be taken when an oil pollution incident has occurred or is likely to occur. This is something I can do independently because I’ve completed these documents in the past.

Lastly, I met with an existing client in their offices in Aberdeen to discuss a current ongoing project and potential new opportunities.

Now, I can initially be a little overwhelmed meeting with experienced oil and gas professionals especially when the young guy (me) is responsible for the current project. However, I was impressed with the respect I was shown and the assistance given by the client. This energy industry is a rewarding place to work as a youngster.

Last month I mentioned the new exercise regime that was keeping me sane as I juggled deadlines.

Now I’ve completed both my uni assessments for my analytical and problem-solving skills module, the work-uni-life pressure has definitely eased a bit. 

As for the uni assessments, the questionnaire assessment was released on the day of the King’s coronation, I had the day off and decided to make the most of it and blitz through the assessment. I have already received my results and very happy with them.

Once the first assessment was out the way, I had the rest of that week to finish off my report assessment.

I’ve been making the most of the sunnier weather by going out for runs. I have been trying to enjoy running more by keeping down my heart rate and not focusing on time every run. My aim is to run a half marathon some point this year.

So all I have to do now is finish testing the personalities and motivation in the Marex office, down that second cup of coffee then I can run off into the sunset.

Happy days.


  • Twenty-one year-old Kai is studying at RGU for his BSc (Hons) in Data Science on a graduate apprenticeship. Students are employed full-time throughout their course of studies and combine course learning with work-based learning. The course itself provides students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to help their organisations gain insight from their data to drive innovation and efficiency.
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Kai Henderson Junior risk consultant

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