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Installation-based saturation diving operations risk analyses

An increase in an installation's scope of operations meant they called on our risk management services. 

They asked us to undertake revisions to a facility’s existing risk analyses to include consideration of installation-based saturation diving operations.

This was to be in support of a safety case material change submission to the local coastal state competent authority.

The proposed installation of a diving spread on board the installation necessitated the revision of the full suite of formal safety assessments, including the following:

  • fire and explosion analysis - in which the diving spread equipment was added to the list of primary targets against which the physical effects of the representative fire and explosion major accident events were evaluated using both quantitative and qualitative techniques.
  • escape, evacuation and rescue analysis - in which consideration was given to the emergency preparedness and emergency response arrangements in place for the divers in saturation and their support staff, as well as the impact upon existing EER arrangements.
  • bowtie major accident hazard analysis - in which a bowTte analysis was undertaken for the new major accident hazard of installation-based saturation diving operations.
  • quantitative risk assessment - in which additional risk calculations were performed for the saturation divers accommodated on board the installation.

This enabled the client to ensure that all risks associated with the increase to the installation’s scope of operations had been identified and analysed through a robust risk management process and supported the subsequently successful safety case submission.

Neil Smeaton

Neil Smeaton Risk manager and director

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