How winter driving preparation can uncover your personal attitude to risk

With the best will in the world, few of us consciously assess the risk attached to our everyday activities

Managing risk has a lot to do with being prepared. What’s your personal attitude to risk?

It was 6 December 2010: a day in Scottish history known as Snowmageddon.

A blizzard wreaked havoc. Workers were stranded in offices overnight, cars were abandoned on blocked roads and people battled through freezing temperatures to get home.

Journeys that normally took a matter of minutes lasted for hours as rarely seen conditions proved chaotic.

Temperatures plunged to a bone-chilling minus 19 degrees causing snowfall to freeze, further compounding drivers’ misery.

With climate change are we likely to experience more of this type of extreme weather conditions?

And what has this got to do with risk management?

Well, it has a lot to do with being prepared.

Winter driving

Let’s start with your personal attitude to risk. Specifically, let’s test you on how prepared you are for winter driving.

I bet you have an ice scraper and at least half a can of de-icer rumbling around the footwell of the car.

But what if you get stuck on a back road, in the snow, at night with no signal on your phone?

Have you got a shovel in the boot? Or some warm clothes and blankets?

But there is more…the RAC advises carrying a wind-up torch, warning triangles, a first aid kit and an empty fuel can as well.

Got all these covered?

It’s an interesting exercise because with the best will in the world, few of us consciously assess the risk attached to our everyday activities.

Much of our risk management in the workplace is pushed by legal compliance, and quite rightly so.

But a risk is any situation involving exposure to danger. And it’s how we tackle these situations – by being prepared – that helps us cope with what life throws at us.

At Marex, we deliver the highest quality risk management and risk assurance services. If you want to talk about how to manage risk in your business, give us a shout. We promise not to mention wind-up torches.

Neil Smeaton

Wayne Henderson Managing director

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