The Marex view

Our years of experience and expertise mean we have a unique view on the world of risk

From our offices in central Aberdeen, we coordinate a network and staff of marine, risk and survey professionals undertaking projects worldwide for the offshore oil and gas market, shipping, ports and renewables sectors.

Here, they share some of their opinions and views across a variety of subjects. 


Internship gives insight into world of risk management

Intern Thomas Billet has just landed at Marex and is beginning to get to grips with what it offers

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Maritime, Oil & gas

The challenge of energy efficient operations

Diesel fuel oil typically provides the energy to operate mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs).

However, diesel fuel oil consumption on board MODUs - like all other forms of diesel consumption - contributes towards climate change through direct emissions into the environment. We’re talking carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides and sulphur oxides.

Diesel also has a financial cost.

So the business case...

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Renewables, Harbours & ports, Oil & gas

A holistic approach: avoiding unintended consequences

We all find ourselves juggling the balance between cost and value. 

In the competitive race to survive and thrive, decisions can be taken that at first glance appear to cut costs.

The following story of unintended consequences demonstrates how a seeming straightforward business decision had repercussions the organisation hadn’t predicted.

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Aerospace, Renewables, Harbours & ports, Life sciences, Maritime, Oil & gas

How human factors engineering can add value to your project

But people are involved in every aspect of work, which is why looking at the part that human factors play is so important.

The end result in helping to avoid accidents and ill health at work cannot be underestimated.

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