Coffee with Kai: the global serving

Junior risk consultant Kai gives us a peek behind the office doors…

This month, Kai’s journal takes on an international flavour in Qatar and Western Australia

Twenty-one-year-old Kai Henderson originally started as our digital marketer and has since moved into a junior risk consultant role and also novice coffee drinker.  Alongside his work at Marex, he is studying for a graduate apprenticeship in data science.


March was really not my typical month.

I had the opportunity to travel to Qatar and then onwards to Australia to get an understanding of the global nature of our business.

In Qatar I met existing and potential clients, which was good to do face-to-face and understand the Qatari market.

This was a good exercise for me to compare the UK and Qatar oil and gas market. Qatar is still producing a lot of oil and gas and with renewables now coming onto the energy agenda.

From the conversations there is a clear potential for Marex in Qatar. Qatar is an up-and-coming market compared to their neighbours Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

I was impressed by Qatar’s infrastructure developed leading up to the World Cup. Having never been to Qatar before, the architecture blew my mind. In my opinion Qatar, is on its way to becoming the new Dubai.

One important downside though: the price of coffee in Doha was extortionate! It cost 25 Riyal - around £5.50 a cup – so as you can imagine I seriously reduced my coffee intake while I was there…

But I then travelled to Perth in Australia. I attended the AOG conference, which is an annual oil, gas and energy conference based in Perth but being held for the first time in three years following the pandemic.

This was also a great experience for me. I listened many people present on the landscape of the Australian energy sector. The entire objective of my time in Perth was to understand the market potential. Like Qatar, there is the potential for Marex to grow the business further in Australia.

Development and production continues and there is a clear focus on decommissioning with NOPSEMA drawing a line in sand. National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) is Australia's independent expert regulator for health and safety, structural (well) integrity and environmental management.

Australia is a very much coffee culture country and my only choice was to embrace it. I had some top notch coffee and usually had a flat white with oat milk by 8:30am #buzzin.

However, it wasn’t all work, I did get time off to enjoy the beautiful beaches, as you can see…

Overall the trip was an incredibly valuable experience. I have been very lucky to experience this with Marex and it proves graduate apprenticeships are far from boring.

  • Kai is studying at RGU for his BSc (Hons) in Data Science on a graduate apprenticeship. Students are employed full-time throughout their course of studies and combine course learning with work-based learning. The course itself provides students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to help their organisations gain insight from their data to drive innovation and efficiency.
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Kai Henderson Junior risk consultant

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