Our business

We solve problems that matter

Marex is a UK-based consultancy with a global reach

We are specialists in managing the risks that come from operating in hazardous industries. We make compliance easier.

We define, design and manage projects with a risk-based approach that create shared value and enhance your business performance.

We solve problems that matter in a highly regulated and complex world. 

We view risk management in terms of its potential to drive performance and shared value for our clients.

Gaining peace of mind

Marex was established in 1998 after the Cullen Report into the Piper Alpha disaster. In his report, Lord Cullen laid out over 100 recommendations to improve safety on oil rigs and floating installations.

Marex was launched to help offshore operators gain the peace of mind they needed through stringent risk assessments and the development of safety cases. You can read more about our history here.

Since then, we have evolved to offer a risk-based approach to clients that is compliance, resilience, performance and efficiency driven as an outcome.

Managing risks in uncertain times

In 2020, the world went into a pandemic-driven lockdown. The increased level of uncertainty gave us pause for thought about our direction and how we could remain a relevant and sustainable business.

We decided to take all the hard-earned experience and expertise from the oil & gas and marine industries and use them to help companies working in other hazardous environments.  

This diversification journey started by engaging with the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership.

Offshore wind requires vessels and marine assurance, the turbines are installed in hazardous environments, it’s a high-risk industry and it is new. 

Supporting emerging industries

This let us determine where our unique skills could be applied, identify the key players, a market entry strategy and - most importantly - a belief within the team that we could diversify.

Since then, Marex has won a three-year marine consultancy contract with ScottishPower Renewables, opened an office in Lowestoft to support ScottishPower Renewables with the East Anglia offshore wind farm developments and we are working with some of the largest offshore wind developers and offshore construction contractors, such as Jan De Nul.

We have also been supporting a number of organisations in the UK commercial space sector. Our experience in safety case applications and providing third-party, independent analyses of fire and explosion hazards at launch sites has proved invaluable in emerging industries.

Our values

Quality: the rigorous and conscientious approach we take to our work means we know its quality stands up to scrutiny.

Trust: we work hard to build trust because our aim is to develop long-term relationships.

Solutions: remaining inquisitive toward our clients’ needs and challenges helps us choose the right specialist tools and solutions for them.

People: we are honest, open-minded and approachable, and believe in finding and growing our talent from within.

A risk-based methodology

With 25 years of offshore expertise, we have evolved to offer a wide range of risk-based methodologies.

These give clients the solutions to improve their performance in:

  • safety
  • operations
  • energy efficiency
  • people
  • projects
  • resilience

all while giving complete assurance of compliance. Find out more about the services we offer here.

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