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Meet our team of energy & marine risk experts

We are here to help you develop a more dynamic risk culture, and to support and facilitate faster and more effective decision-making

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Wayne Henderson Managing director

Joined: 2020

Why Marex: Innovative, agile and responsive to client’s requests, a can-do attitude, smart, assured and reliable. High quality output, diligent and ethical.

Experience: Working with clients to understand their business challenges and provide sustainable solutions.  Studied mechanical and offshore engineering at Robert Gordon University.  In excess of 20 years in Life Sciences developing business strategy and leading business optimisation and improvement projects in China, Japan and throughout Europe.  More than 10 years in the energy sector leading businesses transformation and supporting clients enhance performance in projects, operations, people and energy transition towards achieving sustainable Net Zero carbon footprint. Currently owner and managing director on Marex, 

Varun Sarpangal Principal technical consultant

Joined: 2012

Why Marex: For me, it has to be the high standards and quality of the deliverables we provide to clients. Behind that, I believe, is Marex consultants’ attention to detail - a trait that is inculcated by the risk manager.

Experience: Technical aspects of regulatory compliance in the oil & gas industry, such as ensuring performance standards for safety critical equipment and human factors engineering, which aims to ensure that equipment, task and work environment designs are optimised for the humans carrying out the tasks.

Neil Smeaton Risk manager and director

Joined: 2005

Why Marex: Our proactive approach to client engagement and our drive for innovation in response to client needs and requirements.

Experience: Involved in the development, review and revision of offshore installation safety cases and the associated major accident hazard risk analyses, including Bowtie analyses, fire and explosion analyses and QRA.

Samantha Duncan Finance and administration manager

Joined: 2013

Why Marex: Marex is a friendly and knowledgeable company to work with. They encompass a wide range of qualifications which span multiple sectors, enabling the staff to offer a wealth of knowledge, assisting clients and team members alike.

Experience: I have a total of 11 years’ experience within the oil & gas and finance sector. I am responsible for all finance, administration and human resource-related tasks within Marex. I have an MA in accountancy from the University of Aberdeen and I am in my final module of a Master Diploma in human resource management.

Kai Henderson Digital marketer and data analyst

Joined: 2021

Why Marex: We have great expertise and knowledge within the sectors we work in. Every piece of work we produce is at the highest standard. We value our customers very highly and therefore have great relationships with them.

Experience: I have completed a level 6 digital marketing, a level 7 diploma in creative media and I am currently working through a level 8 diploma in data analytics

Iain Young Principal risk consultant

Joined: 2008

Why Marex: Excellent customer relations and communications, along with realistic and achievable targets, have resulted in the delivery of completed projects of high quality within deadlines and on budget. This has generated new business from referrals by satisfied customers.

Experience: Safety case development and thorough reviews, undertaking risk assessments, legislative gap analysis, FMEA, HAZIDs etc, facilitating major hazard risk assessments and summary of operational boundaries (SOOB) using BowtieXP software, developing emergency response manuals, escape, evacuation and rescue analyses, and emergency systems survivability analyses, review and development of performance standards and verification schemes, seagoing career (including master and chief mate) includes tankers, anchor handling supply vessels, salvage tugs and fishing vessels, undertaking harbour audits under Port Marine Safety Code.

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