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A business can be entirely compliant but how do they prove it?

US offshore drilling contractor Valaris wanted to demonstrate to their customers they had an up-to-date HSE legal register in place and evaluate compliance to the applicable requirements. So, they turned to Marex…

The story of Valaris

Valaris operates a diverse fleet of ultra-deepwater drillships, semisubmersibles and shallow-water jackups capable of meeting a wide spectrum of customers’ well programme requirements.

The Valaris rig fleet is among the most technologically advanced in the industry and its well-trained crews perform at the highest levels in the most challenging offshore environments.

With an unwavering focus on safety and dedicated employees, they provide innovative solutions and aim to deliver excellence in everything they do.

The challenge of monitoring continuous compliance

Duty-holders of offshore installation operating in UK waters need to have a functioning safety and environmental management system (SEMS).

However, the problem faced by Valaris, alongside many other companies, is how to evaluate compliance. They need to be sure that operations are being conducted at all times in compliance with local health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulatory requirements.

Why Valaris chose Marex

We have a long-term working relationship with Valaris over a number of years through the delivery of HSE case and risk management support.

This meant Valaris knows that Marex has a comprehensive overview of UK HSE regulations and industry guidance relevant to their operations. It also meant we were ideally placed to support Valaris in completing the required scope of work.

How Marex responded

Working closely with Valaris, we developed and populated a bespoke HSE legal register integrated to Valaris’s existing systems.

This summarised the main obligations that legislation places upon the organisation.

It was expanded to include a set of key compliance verification questions covering all relevant aspects of UK HSE regulations. These questions could be used during installation-specific audits to enable an evidence-based demonstration of compliance.

The results

The successful completion of the scope of work proved key in Valaris being able to demonstrate to their customers that they have in place an up-to-date HSE legal register and evaluate compliance to the applicable requirements.

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Neil Smeaton

Neil Smeaton Risk manager and director

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