Meet the Marex team - Varun Sarpangal

21st April 2022

Varun Sarpangal, Marex's Human Factors Specialist was recognised by SPE/IADC for his contribution to Automated Well Control versus Traditional Well Control and providing input to the Human Error Comparison input to Safe Influx Automated Well Control product.

Safe Influx knew that its automated well control solution reduced the potential for human error, and Marex had the processes to prove it. The human reliability assessment (HRA) methodology was used to conduct the analysis. It provides a qualitative and quantitative comparison of the human failure modes associated with the two methods: automated and manual well control. The quantitative assessment demonstrated that the human error probabilities associated with the traditional well control method would be reduced by 94% or more when the Safe Influx Automated Well Control System is utilised.

Bryan Atchison Managing Director Safe Influx commented:

"I have to say that it’s very edifying being able to quantify the benefits of Automated Well Control. Being able to say with authority that we reduce our exposure to human factors issues by 94% or more is a great place to be."

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