Double diploma success for the team

15th August 2022

Two members of the Marex team are at the top of the class with their latest academic achievements in two different professional fields.

Our finance and administration manager Samantha Duncan has gained a postgraduate diploma in human resource management, while digital marketer and data analyst Kai Henderson has qualified in data analytics.


Sam’s qualification – gained through the Open University – has helped her develop the skills needed to be an effective HR professional.

Her postgraduate diploma in human resource management covered understanding essential people management skills such as interviewing, training, and managing performance.

Sam has been with us for nearly 10 years, having joined as a technical assistant in 2013. She already holds an MA Master of Arts in accountancy from the University of Aberdeen and has been growing her HR skillset.

Her recent studies have included learning how to manage people effectively and implement equality, diversity and inclusion practices.

“I did the diploma to help me feel that the advice I was giving to senior management was correct and to develop my knowledge in an ever changing area,” she said.

“My learning has already been put into effect helping our managing director Wayne to look at the various ways we can engage with employees and how to get the best out of them.

“I am currently in the process of updating our employee engagement and attraction procedures so that Marex can attract the best candidates in the market as we grow into new sectors.”

Dealing with data

Meanwhile Kai Henderson, who has been working at Marex for nearly a year, has gained a higher national diploma in data analytics at SCQF level 8.

This new course is based in the growing big data sector. It focuses on specialist data analytics topics such as data management; data analysis and visualisation; and data analysis software development.

Kai intends to stay with Marex but is also continuing his studies at university next month to take up a graduate apprenticeship in data science. This will equip him with the in-depth skills in the different types of quantitative research methods and statistical techniques for analysing data such as hypothesis testing, standard deviation, regression and correlation.

He will also study the different specialist data analytical tools and how they can be used to support decision-making within a business.

“The explosion of data is set to continue at an exponential rate,” explains Kai.

“But data is worthless unless we have the analytical ability to use our data and client’s data effectively and gain business value from it. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve learned so far and I’m really looking forward to continuing my learning in this up and coming industry.”


Managing director Wayne Henderson said: “Professional development is really important to us here at Marex, and it’s equally important that the team enjoy expanding their skillset and knowledge.

“We’re really proud of both Sam and Kai’s achievements, especially as they’ve been completed while they keep on top of their everyday workload.

“Studying however, is only one part of the overall picture. It is important that Marex continues to create opportunities for the team to use new found knowledge and skills, not only to create interest and variety in the workplace but also to allow the team to feel a sense of achievement.”

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