Training Manikins


Marex is a Supplier of Training Manikins to the Oil & Gas Industry, Decommissioning, Renewables and Shipping Industries

Marex (MMASS) has been a supplier of Ruth Lee Training Manikins to the Oil and Gas and Shipping Industries for over a decade. Ruth Lee is a world-leading provider of life like manikins to rescue training experts in the offshore industries, military and fire services worldwide. Weighted proportionally, they can perfectly simulate casualties for a more realistic training. Ruth Lee manikins type and weight adhere to the Emergency Response and Rescue vessel Management Guidelines and Validation Trial Recommended Code of Practice. 
Marex (MMASS) regularly hire out the Man Overboard Training Manikins for Offshore Training and for Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV) Validation Trials. These are also available to purchase.

Marex (MMASS) offers greatly reduced prices and discounts from those offered by the manufacturer. Call us or email for more information and a no obligation quote. We will be happy to  advise you on the various models and their suitability to fit your requirements.

Water Rescue Manikin Flyer


Training Scenarios


Man Overboard Manikin Flyer


Man Overboard Training Manikin (Used for Emergency Response Training in the Oil & Gas Industry).


Offshore Manikin Flyer


Offshore Training Manikin


Working at Height Manikin Flyer


Working at Height Training Manikin

Other types of manikins are available upon request.