Decommissioning risk and marine related support


Marex is an active member of Decom North Sea. In decommissioning, specifically, Marex can provide risk and marine related consultancy support in preparation and throughout operations.

Marine and Offshore Supervision

Risk and Safety Services

  • HAZID/HAZOP studies
  • Quantitative risk assessments
  • Qualitative risk assessments
  • Support in presentation of safety case submissions to regulatory bodies (UK competent authority)
  • Safety Case material changes for Plugging and Abandonment for drilling rigs (MODUs)

Safety case authorship is a core business for Marex and as such, we are well placed to carry out decommissioning safety case work for acceptance by the UK CA.

Having two strong professional teams, i.e. master mariners on the marine side and risk engineers, marine engineers and mathematicians on the risk side, we are uniquely able to support the decommissioning process with regard to legislative requirements and compliance (good practice, risk management, barriers and mitigation, studies, audits and inspections, human factors considerations and assessments and the development of performance standards for Safety and Environmental Critical Elements (SECEs) as part of the Verification scheme).


Marex was part of the Joint Industry Partnership which developed this guidance document.

Guidance for UK Safety Case Management during End of Life (EOL), Decommissioning and Dismantling