Marine Consultancy

Marine Audits and Inspections

Marine Audits and Inspections

  • eCMID and OVID Inspections

    Marex have experience of conducting over 100 OVIQs for our clients on a worldwide basis. Marex Marine Surveyors and Consultants are fully accredited OCIMF OVID and IMCA CMID and MSIW Inspectors for a variety of craft including PSV, AHTV, Jack-up and semi-sub rigs, Small Workboats, Construction Vessels and Dive support Ships. Marex have a network of experienced and long serving OCIMF accredited OVID inspectors and IMCA accredited CMID inspectors. We are valued for our unbiased stance with respect to vessel owners and operators.

    As for any other inspection, our inspectors thoroughly prepare beforehand, for instance using, (Paris MOU) and Class websites, and with their depth of knowledge, experience, comprehensively follow through to identify findings, and check paper trail evidence.

    We offer a world-wide service and can mobilise at short notice.

  • ISM, ISPS and MLC Audits

    Marex offer internal ISM, ISPS and MLC audits. Marex master mariners assess the compliance of shipping companies and vessels with ISM, ISPS and MLC codes and the effectiveness of procedures implementation. Audits can also be carried out to the client’s format if required.

  • Routine Vessel Visits and Inspections

    Marex can provide a full package of continued support to operators for all their term vessels which includes periodical safety visits, navigation audits and field operation audits.