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Keys to a successful transition

Meet Wayne our managing director

Wayne has owned Marex for just over 6 months. What has he learned so far?

  • In times of significant change resilience is paramount to success. Belief in your teams ability to bounce back and grow from a downturn is key.
  • Make sure you have good people around you. No one in a leadership position can possibly know everything. An obvious statement I know! Therefore it is vital that you hire smart people that can tell you what to do. 
  • There is a balance to strike between growing new customers and growing within existing customers. Any business development specialist knows it is far more effective to grow with an existing customer than it is to gain new. My advice however, is not to become complacent and every business should have a yearly new customer growth target. 
  • Developing new business lines is also a key strategy to adopt. This is easier said than done. However, by identifying the needs of your customer and/or sector means you have an open door and a greater chance of success. Also, new business lines allow you to effectively grow with existing customers and can create a differentiator with potential new customers.
  • Focus on your core business skills and look for opportunities to transition those skills in to new opportunities. Again this is about encouraging team belief. The Marex team is doing an exceptional job on this. The business has already delivered success in transitioning to renewables and aero space with other sector transition opportunities in the pipeline.
  • The workplace has changed for ever since COVID. Employee expectations are very different. If a business is to attract interest from a young, dynamic workforce of the future it is essential to creating a working environment that is fun, flexible, technology driven and, environmentally and socially responsible. We have in the most part achieved this with the office move to Neo house, continuing to strike the balance of office working and working from home. We have adopted a technology approach to or business which will continue to evolve with technology advancements.
  • Finally but not least is the development of your team. I am a firm believer that employees should be given the opportunity to express themselves, be creative and have space to challenge and have the best coaching to deliver their best work. Customer delight is how we roll. As far as Marex employees are concerned this is non-negotiable.
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