Onshore Emergency Response Training

While it is generally accepted that offshore personnel must undergo training for emergencies in a variety of ways, from fire fighting to the management of major emergencies, training of the onshore emergency teams varies in style and structure, and the support provided to the crew on the installation can be varied depending on the experience of the designated persons grouped in the company emergency centre.

In order to address this problem, Marex can provide guidance as to the manner in which the various roles in the emergency centre can be best fulfilled, how relatives and media might be dealt with, and how the progress of an emergency might best be controlled.

Marex has managed exercises for onshore emergency teams. This has included the provision of scripts and role-players to make the exercises effective. These formats have proved to be realistic and effective and have led to a greater understanding of what is required of the emergency teams.

In accordance with the Offshore Installations (Emergency Pollution Control) Regulations 2002, all operators are required to hold an exercise every five years to test their emergency response procedures, necessarily involving SOSREP and his team. Marex has a thorough understanding of this requirement and can provide exercise management to achieve successful completion in accordance with DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) requirements.