Offshore Marine Operations and Logistics Training

Whilst acknowledged that operating support vessels in the close vicinity of offshore structures can be hazardous to both the vessels involved and the structure itself, the offshore industry has a shortage of personnel with marine experience to carry out the administration and control of the marine activities at their installations.

Questions concerning the operation of offshore vessels are generally relating to what system is used to control the ship alongside, what is the joystick, DPI, DPII, what training the crew has received, what numbers of crew are on board and how the bulk systems are configured.

When it comes to rig moving and anchor-handling there are many criteria to consider and reliance on the shipmaster, to judge whether operations can commence or continue, may be appropriate. Today vessels are extremely large in relation to offshore installations, and a control or mechanical failure can result in serious damage. It is most likely that, subsequent to impact, the vessel will be able to limp away and be repaired, but in the case of a mobile unit it may have to discontinue its activities and be towed away and one can hardly contemplate the effect of structural failure of any sort on a fixed platform.

Marex has developed a course taking in both supply operations and rig moving, which in one day will provide platform and rig management with a good understanding of the limitations of the support vessels in use. The course can be presented in the classroom, or on the installation, or if necessary remotely.