Management Familiarisation The Safety Case Process

In addition to the requirement for the workforce to understand what is contained in their own Safety Case, it is essential for the management to understand what should be contained in safety cases in general, and what is required by the related legislation. This is particularly applicable to the UK and to the other countries which have similar legislative requirements. These countries include the Falkland Islands, Ireland, Australia, Denmark and Greenland.

The IADC has produced an International Safety Case template for use by mobile units, the content of which is slightly different from the IADC Northwest European template and from other templates acceptable to the UK legislators. Associated with the requirements of the UK legislation, are the contents of the PFEER Regulations and the Design and Construction Regulations, in part represented by the Installation Verification Schemes. Marex can work within all frameworks.

It is essential that senior management involved in the operation of offshore installations understand the requirements of the safety case legislation, and the general requirements of safety cases. Without this understanding, decisions relating to the commissioning of the work and what constitutes value for money in this respect, are made more difficult. In addition, it may well be that the safety case process produces recommendations, or opportunities for improvement, and some judgment may be required in order to decide whether such recommendations should be implemented and the means by which management can decide how best to target their resources to reduce the risks to the workforce.