Crew Familiarisation The Safety Case Content

In the UK sector of the North Sea, all installations engaged in activities relating to the exploration and development of oil and gas resources (See regulation 3(1) of MAR) must have a Safety Case, and the Safety Case Regulations require the involvement of the workforce in this process and to provide input for the preparation of the final Safety Case. Although still to be legislated for in some regions of the world, the Safety Case is becoming more and more used as a document (a standard of good practice), to identify to the workforce, the owners and the clients that the unit is being operated as safely as possible.

The document may reside in the offices of the OIM, the rig manager and the company safety manager, but should be made accessible to the workforce. In the UK the workforce necessarily need to be involved, and elsewhere in the world if a Safety Case has been developed it would be advantageous for the workforce to be aware of the significant activity the company has carried out in order to improve their safety.

The Safety Case is a comprehensive document and so some companies have found it desirable for their workforce to be given more in depth familiarisation with its content. Hence Marex has developed and delivered one day tailored training courses, on behalf of its clients, to the installation workforce. For new units it may be possible for whole crews to be trained at once, alternatively, where necessary, the same course can be presented over time, on an ad hoc basis.