Verification Schemes

Installations operating on the UK continental shelf must be provided with a Verification Scheme, which today fulfills the requirements of the 2015 Safety Case regulations and certain aspects of PFEER.

The schemes require that duty holders identify Safety and Environmental Critical Elements (SECE) and set standards for them. SECEs included in Verification Schemes are related to systems. Once the elements have been identified standards for their operation and maintenance must be set, and conformance with them ensured during the operation of the unit.

Verification schemes require input from Independent and Competent Persons (ICPs) who must be independent from the operational organization of the duty holder, and during the development of the schemes it is expected that discussion will take place between the ICP and the compiler of the scheme.

Marex has developed verification schemes and performance standards for SECEs.

Marex Supports Clients with Industry Legislative Compliance Verification Schemes and SECEs - SCR15