Mud Tank Cleaning Systems

Since the oil industry started to use oil based mud in the 1970s it has proved to be a problem for supply vessel operators.

Marex addressed the problem of carriage of mud and the cleaning of the mud tanks first in about 1987, but at that time the industry was, in general, totally unaware of what the problems were. This was because there was virtually no limitation on the discharge of chemicals into the sea, and the tanks were cleaned at low cost because disposal of the residues was not problematical. It seems that it was just a matter of finding a local authority that did not have a problem with unidentified liquids being pumped to landfill.

By adapting the concept used in VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers) that of crude oil washing, Marex, developed a tank cleaning machine capable of cycling the product itself, so that the tanks could be cleaned with OBM (Oil Based Mud). Of course cleaning with water remained, and remains, possible, but by adopting the COW (Crude Oil Washing) principle, the difficult and costly disposal of residues is prevented.

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