Marex - Safety Cases

Safety Case Development

Since 1998, Marex has compiled well over 200 safety cases for mobile offshore units (new submissions and material changes). Cases have been developed for semi-submersibles ranging from some nearly 30 years old, to new rigs under construction in the Far East. Safety cases have also been compiled, and approvals achieved, for drill ships, jack-ups and monohulls, including well intervention ships and one of the first DP accommodation vessels to enter service.

The work has consisted of qualitative and quantitative major hazard risk assessments, safety management system summaries and the inclusion of technical details, as well as the development of complete workplace and PFEER Assessments. Safety cases have been developed using a variety of templates including the IADC International Safety Case format, the IADC North West European Safety Case format, or client specific formats. Regardless of which format has been used, all safety cases presented for UK Competent Authority (CA) "acceptance" since 2015 have been developed in accordance with the Offshore Installations (Offshore Safety Directive) (Safety Case etc.) Regulations 2015. Prior to that date safety cases were presented in accordance with the requirements of the Offshore Installations (Safety Case) Regulations 2005.

As part of the development of safety cases under the 2015 safety case regulations, Marex has developed a number Non-Production Installation Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEPs) for submission to the UK CA. Marex has also assisted customers with the development of their Corporate Major Accident Prevention Policy (CMAPP).

Marex work on compliance with many regulatory regimes, such as CER and Norsok etc, so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. For example, Marex has developed a number of Non-Production Safety Cases for submission to the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) in Ireland.