Rig Moves

Operators have a specific need for representation in relation to virtually all aspects of a rig move. Where a well has been plugged and abandoned, leaving the well head available for re-entry, it is necessary for the client representative to ensure that the moorings from the rig are kept clear. If the rig is being used to carry out work in an existing field, the client representatives must ascertain that the rig move procedures are appropriate for the task to be undertaken, and then when the move is taking place must ensure that the personnel on board, including the towmaster, carry out their activities in accordance with them.

Rig moves in mature oilfields are becoming ever more complex with the increase in subsea architecture, and the use of surface and subsea buoyancy or fibre ropes. In addition these operations can necessitate many hours of preparation in port for the move, as well as considerable periods to offload the equipment used on completion. Marex is able to provide a complete service for all aspects of the operations, and is aware of the constraints which can result in expensive delays particularly when a shortage of suitable vessels results in high day rates.

Jack-up moves can also necessitate considerable input from both towmasters and client representatives. Most moves in mature areas require the rig to be positioned in close proximity to existing platforms, and often with tolerances of not more than one metre in any direction.

Marex is able to provide Master Mariners with the necessary experience to act as towmasters or client representatives on rig moves, for both semi-submersibles and jack-ups. It is recognized that some operators use the same consultants to fill both roles, particularly where there are two mariners provided for the move. Marex are happy to advise their clients.