Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC), Marex Compliance Support at Hand

Marex is working with Harbours and Ports as their Designated Person. The Designated Person must be an independent person with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the Code (and supporting Good Practice) and associated Port and Marine Legislation. By means of assessment and audit of the client's Marine Safety Management System, it is determined if it is working effectively and complies with the Code (the responsibility of the Duty Holder). Marex has developed a Tool Kit, updated to the November 2016 review of the Code specifically for this purpose. This is being very well received and consequently we now assist many more with their code compliance.

As well as acting Designated Person to Harbours and Ports (as per PMSC), Marex can also provide training to Duty Holders with regards to their obligations under the Code. Contact us for more information

Photography courtesy of Jetmund Fure, Captain of the Island Empress