PFEER Assessments

UK safety case legislation requires that a PFEER Assessment be carried out in relation to the development of Safety Cases. PFEER (The Prevention of Fire, Explosion and Emergency Response Regulations) are a set of regulations which have been put in place to ensure that the duty holders of offshore installations deal with the requirements to provide appropriate emergency response.

The process of assessment involves the following steps:

(a) identifying fire and explosion major accident hazards, and major accident hazards with the potential to require evacuation, escape or rescue - including those that concern the release of toxic and asphyxiating gases;

(b) identifying the likelihood of them occurring and their consequences;

(c) identifying the measures needed to meet the requirements of PFEER to identify, monitor, control, mitigate and adequately protect people in respect of major accident hazards from fire and explosion and major accident hazards requiring evacuation, escape and rescue;

(d) identifying performance standards - including consideration of risk assessment for offshore installations and human vulnerability criteria - for those measures to protect people from fire and explosion and to ensure effective evacuation, escape and rescue.

Marex can undertake PFEER Assessments.