Onshore Emergency Response Manuals

The UK PFEER Regulations specifically require that emergency response plans take in the activities offshore and those onshore, so for any vessel which is provided with a safety case, the shore based management must also have an onshore emergency response manual. This manual should ensure that for any offshore emergency there is an appropriate onshore response provided.

Onshore support to those dealing with emergencies on offshore units must include the provision of evacuation arrangements, if necessary, which are initially likely to be contracted civilian helicopters, the means of communication with relatives of those on board the unit, and the arrangements for the accommodation of survivorsí onshore if required. It is also usual for the onshore team to have the means of issuing press releases, and direct means of communicating with the media. They will also communicate as necessary with the emergency services including the Coastguard and the Police.

It is not possible to fulfill these requirements without formal guidance, particularly with respect to the make-up of the emergency support team, and what the responsibilities of individual team members would be. Marex has considerable experience in the development of onshore emergency response processes and is able to assist its clients to produce clear and effective manuals.