Marine Warranty

Together with our Associates, we act in the interest of International Underwriters as marine warranty surveyors providing third party independent review and approval of procedures and analysis in a variety of high value and high risk offshore installation and decommissioning projects.

To this end, we have at our disposal the finest team of master mariners, chief engineers, naval architects, structural engineers and geotechnical engineers, combined with a fine suit of computer software to draw upon.

Working with our Associates, we have marine operation guidelines (for both procedure and analysis) specially tailored to the needs of the Underwriters to assist offshore installation contractors with a better understanding of the requirements.

The following are the main categories of MWS services we provide:-

  • • Offshore Platforms (Fixed)
      Loadout, transportation and offshore installation of steel platform substructures, decks and   topside modules.
  • • Offshore Floating Platforms
      Dry or wet transport and offshore installation of semi-submersible rigs, TLP, FPSO, FSO, Calm   Buoy, SBM, Topsides, Modules.
  • • Suitability and Operational Condition Inspection of Offshore Vessels
      Suitability inspection carried out to establish whether vessel is suitable or the purpose of usage   and operations such as towing, anchor handling pipelay, cable lay, offshore lifting and   installation.
  • • Offshore Pipelines (rigid and flexible) Cables and Subsea Installations
      Loadout, transportation and offshore installation of rigid and flexible pipeline, plem, manifolds,   risers, cables and templates.
  • • Offshore Drilling Rigs
      Location approval and move attendance of jack-up and semi-submersible drilling rigs.
  • • Miscellaneous Transportation by Towage or Self Propelled Ship of High Value Cargo
      Loadout and transportation of power barges, container cranes, floating decks, floating hotel,   concrete cassions etc.
  • • Decommissioning of Offshore Structures
      Removing, loading and transportation of decommissioned offshore structures.