Marine Operations Manual

All mobile units, whether employed for drilling or accommodation or for heavy lifting are required to be provided with a Marine Operations Manual, dealing with topics which are identified by the appropriate IMO MODU Code. Codes exist for 1979, 1989 (with amendments in 1991 and 1994), a consolidated edition in 2001 and a new edition in 2009 (Coming into effect for all units constructed after 2012).

Less formally prescribed are the requirements for Marine Operations Manuals for vessels, however, the ISM Code still requires such a provision. It is of course possible to produce documents which are so general that they are of no value other than to conform to ISM requirements. How is this achieved? There would be, in a quality system, the need to provide the master with instructions under a variety of circumstances, and this could be covered by an instruction that the “master should take the appropriate action”. Hence he/she would have received the instruction but would not have been provided with any actual guidance. It may be worth noting that in the past insurers have refused to pay claims due to the inadequacy of the formal guidance.

Marex consultants have considerable experience in the development of approved Marine Operations Manuals for all vessel and rig types, and can also deal with the associated Stability Manual requirements, including the application of inclining experiments and changes to light ship.