Major Hazard Risk Assessments

The core of any Safety Case is the major hazard risk assessment process. The general rule which must be followed is that “suitable and sufficient” risk assessment must be undertaken. But once more how this is done is down to the duty holder of the installation. The processes are divided into qualitative and quantitative risk assessments.

Lord Cullen, who led the investigation into the North Sea Piper Alpha disaster, recommended much reliance on QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessments) which is the determination of risk by reference to existing accident data. The UK CA have set a standard that the individual risk of death to an offshore worker per annum, (IRPA) must be less than 1x10-3 . This means that an individual would have to work offshore for 1000 years to be at risk of being killed in the workplace.

However over the years greater emphasis has been placed on qualitative risk assessments. This involves discussions and assessment of risk, and the subsequent reduction of risk by means of recommendations, resulting in improved skills, training, systems and procedures. Marex are experts in the provision of these risk assessment processes.