Human Factors

Human factors can be a significant contributor to both occupational and major accidents. Causes range from the designs produced by engineers through the decisions and styles adopted by leaders, to the actions and behaviours of individuals in the workplace. Human factors integration has the added benefit of giving practically based knowledge of human and performance shaping factors allowing them to recognise and manage HF issues as they arise in their operations.


Our Approach:

Many accidents have a human error root cause that stems from a systemic misalignment or poor communications.

Early identification and resolution of these error provoking factors fosters a proactive management culture through coaching and facilitating change.

Tools are utilised to optimise performance, address safety issues underpinning existing activities paying particular attention to the design of plant, procedures and safety management systems.

This allows relevant "best practice" to bear in developing corporate expectations about human performance.


  • • An implementation that is systematic and sustainable.
  • • An improved employee involvement in business practices.
  • • An understanding where real risk lies - allowing focused, cost-effective risk control
  • • An open and objective reporting of near miss and learning opportunities that strengthens the safety culture.
  • • A sustainable improvement in organisational efficiency, effectiveness and safety.
  • • An improved working environment and employee motivation for achieving company objectives.
  • • An entrepreneurial spirit.
  • • Complete compliance with UK CA Human Factors Guidelines.

Marex can undertake human factors assessments including Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA).