Focused HAZOPs

HAZOPs were developed for the chemical industry to allow assessments to be made of the systems installed, or to be installed for the fabrication and transfer of products. They would convene a group of experts with a chairman, and assess every component of the system using a list of guide words, such as "flow", "no flow" etc. The guide words would stimulate discussion, and eventually recommendations might be made.

Marex have adapted this process to allow many operations or potential operations to be assessed. It is possible to identify the different stages of any operation, and to provide guidewords for these stages. And hence with the assistance of a facilitator the various aspects of the operation can be assessed and any problems discussed.

The processes which can be considered range from the location of one or more rigs in offshore locations to the systems and processes required to maintain a unit in lay-up. It is also possible using this sort of assessment to develop proper reports which can be used by management and later in further risk assessments.