Fire, Gas and Explosion Modelling

The Marex Risk Specialists utilise PHAST and KFX software tools to complement its team skills and provide the best service to its clients:


Phast (Process Hazard Analysis Software Tool) Consequence is used to assess situations which present potential hazards to life, property and the environment, and to quantify their severity. It provides comprehensive hazard analysis capability, examining the progress of a potential incident from the initial release to its far-field effects. After identifying major hazards, Phast consequence allows you to predict all possible complex consequences from releases of hazardous material. It includes a wide range of models for discharge and dispersion as well as flammable, explosive and toxic effects.

Phast examines the progress of a potential incident from the initial release to far-field dispersion including modelling of pool spreading and evaporation, and flammable and toxic effects.

The results from the analysis can be displayed in tabular & graphical form, so the extent of the impact can be seen, and the effect of the release on the population and environment assessed.

Phast is designed to comply with the regulatory requirements of many countries.

Kameleon FireEx KFX®

Kameleon FireEx KFX® is a leading CFD simulator, dedicated to gas dispersion, flare and fire simulation and is gradually becoming an industry standard in this respect.

Application areas of KFX® include:


  • • Simulation of all kind of fires; pool fires, jet fires, two phase spray fires, flares, fire in enclosures, in complex geometries, in open space, in still air or in windy conditions. This includes detailed calculation of temperatures, radiation, smoke, visibility, concentrations of species, toxic gases, noise etc.

  • • Fire impact on structures and process equipment

  • • Optimization of passive fire protection

  • • Fire temperature, radiation and smoke impact on humans

  • • Evaluation of escape routes

  • • Simulation and evaluation of fire mitigation by water systems; sprinklers, deluge, mist,

  • • Flare simulations; radiation, detailed tip simulations, ignition, startup

  • • Dispersion of gas

  • • Calculation of explosive cloud sizes

  • • Gas and fire detection systems

  • • Combustion in incinerators, furnaces, engines, burners and other combustion devices

  • • Reduction of emissions; CO, NOx, others

  • • HVAC (ventilation simulations)

  • • Turbulent flow analysis with respect to safe helicopter operation

  • • Fluid flow and combustion in general

  • • 3D visualization, animations, contour plot in real CAD geometry


Marex offers consultancy services in the area of fire safety and gas dispersion. Potentially our services and analyses can be carried out for all kinds of oil and gas platforms, FPSOs, onshore process plants, burners and incinerators, tunnels, buildings, etc.