DP Trials and FMEAs

The IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) guidance, suggests the following:

"For all dynamically positioned vessels, all failure modes and their effects should be considered in a formal FMEA study. The modes that should be considered are; firstly, the sudden loss of major items of equipment; secondly, the sudden or sequential loss of several items of equipment with a common link; and thirdly, various control instability failures and their method of detection and isolation. Faults that can be hidden until another fault occurs should also be considered. For each fault, the likely Operator responses, based on the information available to him, should be assessed. Operator responses to the three types of failure mode mentioned above should be reflected in the operations manual for operational scenarios for which the vessel is intended."

Essentially DP Trials and FMEAs are intended to ensure that DP2 and DP3 ships are capable of safe operation. They should not drive on or off, or drift on or off. This is generally prevented by the identification of the possibility of any single point failure, including in some cases, fires or failures of wiring or pipework. Systems should in general also be designed to prevent a single mal operation by the operating personnel that could result in an unwanted result.

Marex is able to provide personnel to carry out Annual Trials and FMEAs on all types of DP vessel.