Marine Risk assessment Bowtie Image

Bow Tie Risk Assessments

Marex have been using bowtie risk assessment techniques, as a means of fulfilling the requirements for MAHRAs, since the turn of the century. This technique was originally developed by Shell to assist them with their risk assessments, and in the early days those involved had to do their work on flip charts and then have a computer operator put the results into the programme. Over time the process has been developed and with the greater use of the laptop and the computer projector, it has been possible for the task to be carried out where-ever required by the client. While Marex facilitators have carried out the task on many occasions offshore it is generally recommended to carry out the work onshore, to ensure total focus of the participants.

Although it is not the only bowtie programme available, Marex facilitators use BowTieXP which is probably the most effective available, and among other things, is tailored to meet the requirements of the IADC HSE Case.

It is possible to get a group of personnel with different skills together, and carry out a MAHRA in about two days, depending on the level of detail required. On the other hand should the client wish to review aspects of their safety management system and training requirements, the BowTieXP programme can be tailored to fulfill this need.

Anyone considering having a risk assessment carried out using a bowtie programme should contact Marex for advice.