Accident Investigation and Expert Witness Provision

Unfortunately, despite constant efforts on the part of safety managers everywhere, accidents continue to occur, and one of the ways of reducing both their frequency and consequence is to carry out a comprehensive investigation to discover what are today known as the “root causes”. Only too often investigations are carried out with the intent of discovering what went wrong, but the published results do no more than suggest that the cause was nothing more than an unfortunate co-incidence of circumstances that will not occur again.

It is accepted that in today’s litigious environment it is difficult to deal with accidents in an open and positive manner, but the first thing to consider is whether suitable and sufficient risk assessment has been carried out, and the second thing may be to ensure that lessons from previous accidents have been learnt. The coroner’s report into the 7/7 bombings in London determined that the radio communications in the underground system had been less than adequate. It had been recommended in the investigation into the Kings Cross underground fire in 1987 that the emergency communications systems be improved, yet nothing had been done. Hence the first thing CEOs should ensure is that they have a proper “safety culture” in place. Eventually it will protect both them and their workforce.

But all that aside, in the event that an accident or near miss has occurred requiring investigation, Marex can provide team leaders or expert support to assist in investigations, and the determination of root causes. If necessary expert witnesses can also be provided.